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Mayor Rosario Rodriguez

Rosario has grown from the daughter of immigrants to become a community leader, business owner, and Mayor.

That's the American Dream.

Growing up, Rosario learned about the value of hard work, the power of education, the importance of giving back - and the commitment to treat people with respect and dignity while demanding accountability and results.  Those are the values that propelled her to become a healthcare executive, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, community leader, City Councilwoman and Mayor.

Rodriguez was elected to the Folsom City Council in 2020 after serving on the Historic District Commission for three years. She previously served as a board member for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, the Twin Lakes Food Bank, and the Folsom Economic Development Corporation.

 In 2016, she launched a San Francisco-style taqueria in the Folsom Historic District.  As a small business owner, Rosario understands the challenges businesses face and the need to partner with them to help them thrive with the support of the community and city government.  
Widowed at a young age, she is guardian of her grandson Antonio, who is now a Senior in High School. Rosario is a long-time member of Faith Baptist Church. She has a German shepherd named Cody.


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